I first picked up a camera in at the early age of fifteen — inspired by music, literature, and art. Born in China, moved around within the country, then to Japan for 3 years, back to China for 2 years, then to United States in 2001. Such unique nature had nurtured within me a deep appreciation for the divergent beliefs among humans of different cultures and nations around the world. In amidst of changes, one thing remained constant: creativity. When words fail, pictorial language served as the vehicle of communication with the external world. Growing up with the rise of social media and technology have allowed me to see the possibility of a multicultural industry. I enjoy creating timeless beauty, often drawing on themes from science and psyche, into a cinematic storytelling project. Inspired by feminine strength, and leaders who led with integrity and humility. Demonstrated history of working in the medical practice industry. Strong arts and science professional graduate from Northwestern University.

CLIENTS: Steep Rock Bouldering, Alice Beneicke Consulting & Design, Michael Anthony Collection, Mona & Holly Collection, STITCH fashion magazine, Gavin Collection, The Mather.


Through the Lens Photo Award, 2nd place in “Advance, Caring, and Cures” (Oct 2014.)

Inspire Media Open Media Grant, recipient of grant to create a photo gallery for residents with Dementia, families, and staff at the local senior facility (Dec 2011.)

Open Shutter Fall Exhibit, Featured Photographer (Dec 2010.)

Helicon Magazine, Featured Photographer (Dec 2010.)

Port Jefferson Public Teen Library, Photography Decor (2007-2009.)

Long Island Media Arts Festival, Photo Exhibition (2008.)

Astoria Federal Saving Teen Photo Contest, Winner (2008.)

Long Island Academy of Fine Art, drawing category, 1st Place (2008.)

Healthy people 2010 of Suffolk County Art Contest, 3rd Place (2007.)

Better Photo Contest, chosen out of 25200+ entries, 2nd Place (2007.)